Configure CC Debugger Driver on Keil uVision5


1 Introduction

In this quick tutorial I'll explain how to configure Keil uVision5 to use the CC Debugger to debug your CC111x projects.

2 Configuration

First, download the Texas Instruments Low-Power RF (formerly Chipcon) Debug Driver on Keil's website here.

After that, unzip the folder and copy the SmartRF04Mon.dll file, which is inside the folder, to 'Keil-directory'\C51\BIN\. Your Keil directory normally being C:\Keil_v5.

Still inside your Keil directory, open the file named TOOLS.INI on C:\Keil_v5\TOOLS.INI with a text editor. At the bottom of the file, you will find some commands destinaded to C51 configuration as shown below.


Add the following line to the file

TDRV12=BIN\SmartRF04Mon.dll ("Chipcon SmartRF04 Driver")

If TDRV12 is already being used, just change it to TDRVx with x being any other available number.

At this point you should be able to select the Chipcon SmartRF04 Driver on the debug configurations of your C51 Keil project's target as shown in the figure below.

3 Conclusion

After all this quick process, Keil is configured and you should be able to flash and debug your code using the CC Debugger.